Terms and Conditions

All contact information held by Photographic Day and The Pin Mill Studio will not be passed
on to any third party. Payment details passed on to Photographic Day or The Pin Mill Studio
will be destroyed after the payment has been processed.

Full joining instructions and guaranteed confirmation of your place will be forwarded upon
receipt of your cheque or payment online.

Young students under 18 are welcome on the course with written permission from
their parents or guardians.

Information published on this website is subject to change without notice.

The placing of an order constitutes an acceptance of our terms of business.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are forced to cancel the photographic day we will
offer you the choice of an available place on any of our future days, or a full refund.

If you cancel your booking, we regret that refunds or transfers to other photographic
days can only begiven if we are able to fill your place(s).

Unfortunately refunds cannot be given for non attendance on the day.

Trip Cancellation Insurance – If you are travelling to the photographic day, we strongly
recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance. We are not able to vary from our
stated refund policy regardless of your situation.

We cannot accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, equipment during these
photographic days.

All information supplied electronically is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act and
is not passed to any 3rd party.

Photographs taken by the students during the Photographic Day are the copyright of the student
although selected images may be used on the Photographic Day and Pin Mill Studio student gallery.
If any student has an objection to this please let Anthony know this during the day.

Due to the obvious advantages of Anthony being a working photographer with over 20 years
experience there very rarely may have to be date changes to accommodate large commissions
Anthony may need to do - advance warning will be given and alternate dates available.

Six week courses will run consecutively unless Anthony has to go away on assignment.
The courses will then resume on his return and end at a later date.

There will be a maximum of 12 people on the six week courses and a maximum of 6 people
on the group day courses.